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TikTok Is Booming - Stand Out From the Crowd With Right Marketing Strategy

July 27, 2022 Judy Shalom & KJ Rocker Season 1 Episode 5
Marketing Unfiltered
TikTok Is Booming - Stand Out From the Crowd With Right Marketing Strategy
Show Notes

TikTok has grown at a breakneck pace, and as the platform's user base expands and diversifies, more marketers are taking notice.

But how do you succeed organically as a brand on TikTok? and how do you create really good content that gets shared? In this episode, KJ and Judy discuss this and much more because there hasn't been much talk about social networks in a long time.

TikTok has become the fastest growing app and social platform in just a few years, taking on the major social platforms. Concurrently, competitors have introduced short video options on an assembly line. Everything from Instagram Reels to YouTube Shorts is available.

TikTok has also made a significant technological shift from the traditional social graph to an AI-based algorithm that adapts to the user's interests and serves videos accordingly rather than based on what or who you follow.

Our howl for today's episode is to give you all more insight into how to succeed on TikTok.

More information on the episode

We discuss how to succeed organically with TikTok and how to create really good content that gets good distribution in this episode. And begin, among other things, by discussing the platform's target audience and who should be present on TikTok.

You will also learn about:

  • TikTok's role in a company's media strategy
  • The algorithm and its role in TikTok's success
  • Affiliation and TikTok
  • Trends and why they are so important on TikTok
  • Best practice around content creation
  • The role played by music and sound on TikTok

Judy also talks a lot about how to think about having a creator-driven presence with people in focus or a more classic brand-driven presence. And of course, she shares lots of good tips.

As usual, there are links to the resources mentioned in this episode below.